Hawaii Anesthesia Seminar 2016 Digital Download Bundle

Product #: HAWAII2016-BUNDLE

Contains all of the lectures from the Hawaii Anesthesia Seminar 2016, plus digital download session handouts

Digital bundle containing course material from the Hawaii Anesthesia Seminar 2016

Lectures included:

  • Adrian Gelb, M.D.
    • Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring
    • Hypotension Autoregulation Neurologic Outcomes
    • Medication Safety in the OR
    • Occasional Neuroanesthesiologist 7 Questions
    • Perioperative Stroke
  • Brendan Carvalho, M.D.
    • Anesthetic Management Strategies for Obesity in Pregnancy
    • Cesarean Delivery Analgesia Strategies in the Breast-Feeding Parturient
    • Cutting-Edge Techniques to Optimize Labor Analgesia
    • Prevention and Treatment of Cesarean Delivery Spinal Hypotension
    • Ultrasound for the Obstetric Anesthesiologist
  • James G. Ramsay, Ph.D.
    • Management of the Cardiac Patient for Noncardiac Surgery
    • Pacemakers ICDs and VADs
    • Patient with Aortic Stenosis for Noncardiac Surgery
    • Perioperative Fluids
    • Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation
  • Peter D. Slinger, M.D., FRCP(C)
    • Anesthesia for Patient with Severe Lung Disease
    • Anterior Mediastinal Masses and Lower Airway Problems
    • Lung Protective Ventilation During Surgery
    • Management of One Lung Ventilation
    • Preoperative Assessment For Pulmonary Surgery